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Jacob Volkmann vs. Bobby Green

Round 1:
Kim Winslow is the referee for this lightweight fight. Both guys line each other up early without doing much. Green sprawls Volkmann's first takedown attempt. He nearly fends off the second one as well, but Volkmann sticks with it and earns the takedown. Green has a loose half-guard. Volkmann stands up, but Green keeps is keeping Volkmann from doing much of anything. Green pushes Volkmann off and nearly gets back to his feet. but Volkmann gets back mount and is working for a rear-naked choke. He almost gets it twice, and is still working for it. This goes on for most of the round's final minute.

Round 2:
In a frenetic early scramble, Volkmann goes for two takedowns, gets the second one, and ends up standing with a front facelock on Green. They clinch, they beak. Another scramble ends up with Volkmann on the mat this time. Green wades into Volkmann's guard and lands an elbow. Green lands a couple punces to the midsection, improves his position, and lands a couple more elbows. Volkmann briefly ties up Green, but Green lands a couple elbows. Two minutes left. Winslow inexplicably orders a standup. One minute left, Volkmann ties up Green and tries to turn it into a trip. He works for a rear-naked choke, doesn't get it. Winslow's brutal, horrible standup call turned what was an easy Green second round into a close one.

Round 3:
Green takes a low block of kick early. Timeout called, and we're back at it. Green lands a kick to the midsection, sprawls Volkmann's talkedown attempt, and takes Volkmann down. He goes for an arm triangle. Volkmann escapes. Green lands elbows. We're back standing, midway through the round. Crowd chants for Green. Green goes for a knee, Volkmann lands a takedown, but Green spins out and gets top position. They're back to their feet. Volkmann gets Green back to the ground and is working for a choke, but Green turns around and gets top position. Green opens up with a series of right hands and an elbow. He continues to rain down punches. Volkmann clinches him. Green gets his back, gets a rear naked choke, and Volkmann taps.

Bobby Greene def. Jacob Volkmann via submission (rear naked choke) at 4:25 of round three.

I'm 0-4.
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