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Yves Edwards vs. Isaac Vallie-Flagg

Round 1:
Yves Lavigne is the third man in for this lightweight fight. Vallie-Flagg comes out swinging, but Edwards has a counter each time. Vallie-Flagg with a body punch, an uppercut, and a push kick. Edwards is finding his timing, he connects with a two-punch combo and a high kick. They traded lefts and tie up. Edwards lands a quick head kick as they break. Vallie-Flagg is initiating most of the action. They move in close, Vallie-Flagg with an uppercut and Edwards with a couple body shots. They break again. Two minutes left in the round. Vallie-Flagg connects on an overhand, which backs Edwards up. Vallie-Flagg misses with a Superman punch. Edwards with a low kick and a body kick, then he hits Vallie-Flagg with a knee as they tie up. They jockey for position as they clinch along the fence. They break, Edwards out to center octagon. He lands a front kick. Vallie-Flagg stalks Edwards in the closing seconds and they clinch as the horn sounds.

Round 2:
Vallie-Flagg once again initiates the action. They briefly clinch along the fence, but Edwards circles to safety. More dirty boxing in center octagon. A Vallie-Flagg low kick and Edward right land simultaneously. More clinch work, with Edwards backed along the fence. Edwards goes for a single leg and turns it into a trip. Midway through the round. Edwards is trying to work into position for an arm triangle from the top. He gives that up and works into side mount, then back to top position. Vallie-Flagg tries to spin out, but ends up with Edwards on his back, with Edwards pushed against the fence. Edwards is trying for the rear naked choke, but doesn't have quite have it.

Round 3:
Like in both of the first two rounds, Vallie-Flagg is more active from the get-go, but this time, Edwards is quicker to counter. Edwards counters his jab with a knee. 90 seconds in, Vallie-Flagg and Edwards are tied up along the fence. Vallie-Flagg lands an elbow off the break. Midway through the round. Vallie-Flagg throws more, continuing to stalk him. Edwards goes for a takedown, but Vallie-Flagg spins out of it. tow minutes left. Back against the fence, Vallie-Flagg landing uppercuts, Edwards connects with a kick off the break. Edwards simply doesn't have much of an answer for Vallie-Flagg in close quarters. One minute left. Edwards scampers to center Octagon. Vallie-Flagg, who has a bloody nose, connects with a push kick. They're tied up along the cage in the final seconds.

Isaac Vallie-Flagg def. Yves Edwards via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).
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