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Chico Camus vs. Dustin Kimura

Round 1:
This is a catchweight fight (139), as Kimura missed weight by three pounds Friday. Herb Dean is your referee. Camus pops Kimura with a right hand which rocks him backwards, but Kimura regains his balance. They tie up and Camus scores a takedown. Kimura isn't giving him any room to work, though, and he immediately moves into position to work a triangle. Camus squirms out, and Kimura works for an armbar. Midway through the round, Camus tries to stand, but Kimura catches him in a shoulder lock. Camus rolls out of it, but Kimura gets his back. The chain continues as Camus ends up in Kimura's guard again. Camus pushes Kimura across the mat toward the fence. Kimura once again moves for what appears a triangle from my position. Camus paintbrushes Kimura with a few shots in the closing seconds. Close round.

Round 2:
Lots of movement but little else in the opening minute. Camus with a two-punch combo followed with a leg kick. Camus goes for another combo, but Kimura answers him. Kimura connects with a straight right. They clinch, which ends with Camus bulling Kimura back into the fence. Camus lands a knee. Kimura tries to switch position but Camus stays on him. He finally escapes and we end up back in center octagon with a minute left. Kimura pulls guard. Kimura nearly cinches an armbar, Camus rolls out of it, but now has him in a tight tangle, as well as an arm bar. Camus rides it out to the horn.

Round 3:
An early exchange again ends with Camus locking Kimura against the fence in a standing position. Camus goes for a single leg, but Kimura ends up on top of him, then flips over and takes Camus' back. He works for a rear-naked choke. Camus taps almost immediately.

Dustin Kimura def. Chico Camus via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:50 of round three.

I loved the post-fight interview! You know, I thought Kamura dug his own grave coming in 3# overweight for his first UFC fight but wow, he sure has some great ground skills. He will probably get the word to never miss weight again, I think he will be a great addition to the UFC.
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