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Originally Posted by flo View Post
From mma fighting:

Here's Ariel's tweet after Dana got the news:

Sour grapes, anyone? Bas and Kenny seemed to think that was the case tonight.
Okay, after watching the video of what Dana said to Ariel, I don't think it's sour grapes in this instance. If Randy quit on his contract before fulfilling it to take this other job, I can't fault Dana for any negative comments on that, and what does that say about Randy? He seems to have trouble with his commitments, both personal and professional, remember this isn't the first time he's done this while in contract to the UFC--wasn't he still in contract when he quit that other time before eventually coming back? I just think the serial cheating and quiting on his contracts is a pattern with him, and reflects on his character as a person.

I take nothing away from Randy's fighting accomplishments, but I think it's fair to say he's proven his lack of trustworthiness when it comes to keeping commitments he's made.

Originally Posted by kevint13 View Post
I don't think there are sour grapes. As a fighter, Randy was Captain America. As a person, I don't think he is. I don't know how he is as a person, but I do know that he cheated on every woman he was married to. That brings him down in my book.

Also, Inside MMA is the worst show. Kenny is awful. And if you watched it last night (Friday) did you see that they used Big Nog highlights when they should have been using Lil Nog?
I agree. We cheer the greatness of athletes but they might be total *holes and s where it really counts as a person.

Btw, I'm curious, you obviously watched the show!
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