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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Then I heard about some woman whose son woke her up while she was eating a brillo pad.

Getting up and eating at night isnt a syndrome, its a bad habit

Being asleep, and getting up, and eating whilst your still asleep...that IS a Syndrome. Sleep Disorders can be really horrible...Sleep Walking for example, is fine...until you fall down the stairs or jump out of the window IN YOUR SLEEP. Sleep talking is just bizzare...I do...or did both when I was younger.

More serious can be night terrors, where you have a bad dream, but you dont wake up...instead, you start acting it out in whilst your asleep...Equally as bad is Sleep Apnia...Where people forget to breath whilst they are sleeping...I've had that once or twice...coz eventually when you cant hold your breath any longer, your body wakes you up and its like pressure valve has been released.

As for restless leg syndrome...that depends what causes it...ever heard of myclonic dystonic Tremours...they are NOT to be laughed at, unless your uber insensative.

There is also little man all know the McShouty who feels he has to make noise to make up for the fact he's small and weak.
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