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We go back to the Roman Empire now, and to the Wife of Augustus.

Augustus was an increadible man, adopted into the family of Julius Caesar. Julius was murdered by Senators and so Augustus had to restore order, and set up Three distinct areas of the Roman Republic, and put a different Military dictatorship in each one. Unfortunately the Military men fell out and Augustus then had to undergo civil war between these three areas until he prevailed, and re-united the Empire and Ruled as a Military Dictatorship with himself as the man in charge. Day to day running seemed to pass more and more over time to the Senate once more.

The Roman Empire came into a time of great peace and concord under his dictatorship....a peace which extended down a line of Emporars for two centuries until the Senate was large enough to once again demand control. You tend to find this flip-flop between Dictator and Democracy...Each one begins soundly, then becomes corrupt and so it replaced by the other, which then does the same. The easiest way to know which ethos the Romans were under at any one time is to ask what the Nation was called...Roman Empire equates to a Dictator, Roman Republic equates to the Senate with/without an Emporar.

Augusta had three wives, not all at the same time, and Livia was the third and final. She was married to him the longest, and became his Widow. It is thus not suprising that it was from her that the next rullers of Rome eminated. But Augusta was NOT her first Husband. What is even more interesting is that her First Husband was called Tiberius Claudius Nero. Her Rulling Son was called Tiberius, and her Grandchild was called...Claudius...and skip a third Generation, and the name of the Forth was Nero

Tiberius Claudius Nero was an arranged marriage, and he was a bad man..he was one of those in league with the senate that killed Augustus adopted Father They were exhiled to greece, the entire family, until Augustus forgave them. The absolute irony is that the Child Tiberius was from Tiberius Claudius Nero...the next Emporar, would be the son of the guy in league with the killing of Julius, and raised by his adopted son.

Augustus devorced his second Wife, to marry Livia...his second Wife was already carrying his Child...but that didnt matter to Augustus. There is some feelings that these other children, both natural born, and adoptive, were murdered so that Livias first Child Tiberius could be the successor.

The Senate renounced their coorperation to Augustus once he died, as was traditional, but Augustus had already planned for this by changing Livias surname to Julian. Tiberius was not happy because he felt like he was constantly living in the shade of his Mother. She had been granted a psedo Emporarship, and yet he was Emporar and the two didnt agree on anything. He actually left Rome to her because he couldnt cope and didnt return until she died of natural causes. She had essentially been both his Mother and his Wife politically, and had been far louder and assertive then he.

Livia never had a biological son with Augustus. They tried, but it ended up as a misscarriage.. Tiberius never married, but had a few flings and a few children, in the end, the line moved to the Son of the child born to the Woman that Augustus crudely devorced whilst pregnant, rather then any of Tiberius offspring.
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