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Default Dana White unhappy with Cpt. America

From mma fighting:

When UFC President Dana White responded on Twitter to a fan asking about Hall of Famer Randy Couture jumping ship and signing a broadcast deal with Spike TV with a simple, "I love it," it was hard to decipher if White was genuinely happy for his former champ or just laying the sarcasm on thick. And it turns out, neither option was entirely correct.

Meeting with the media at UFC 156's Press Day, White was asked for his thoughts on Couture's surprising departure. As is often the case, the UFC boss eschewed a diplomatic answer in his response. But instead of telling you, I'll let you listen below.

White later elaborated on his feelings toward Couture with our own Ariel Helwani, and suffice to say, it wasn't a glowing endorsement. But then again, who didn't expect that? (None of you should be raising your hands right now.)
Here's Ariel's tweet after Dana got the news:

Ariel Helwani✔ @arielhelwani

Dana says he's happy to never be in business with Randy Couture again. "He's the furthest thing from Captain America."

11:24 PM - 31 Jan 13

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Sour grapes, anyone? Bas and Kenny seemed to think that was the case tonight.
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