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Default US Embassy in Turkey has been bombed

A suicide Bomber detonated outside the US Embassy in Turkey today.

Thankfully it occured at a checkpoint, before the perpetrator could get inside the building itself.

A Leftist Militant Group has claimed responsibility and has related that this is a message to the Turkish Government to distance themselves from Western Super Powers.

But this attack comes at a dire time, as Egyption Uprisings have attacked the Presidential Palace in Cairo now that the Arab Spring has gone sour...and Israel decided yesterday to bomb a convoy of weapons coming out of Syria and going to Lebenon to fortify the Hezbollah Organisation. Syria, who has threatened to use biological weapons on any Country that interferes with its Civil War, which halted the Arab Spring, is livid...and has formed an Alliance with Iran today, warning the Israeli Government that their Capitol (Tel Aviv) may no longer be safe from a retaliatory attack.

The United States, is of course, in a tough situation regarding Israeli action, because the truth is the attack on the weapons convoy was outside of Israeli Jurisdiction, and Supported by Russia, Syria and Iran have decided to appeal to the United Nations.

If The United States, whose veto is on the Security Council despite the saga in 2003, side with Israel, there will be accusations that once again the US is ignoring International Law when it applies to them or their allied forces and thus acting Unilaterally. If America condemns the attacks, then it is breaching its loyalty to Israel, and giving the green light to countries who would see this as an excuse to wipe Israel out...not least, two of the most Anti-American States in the World.

Israel claims that it was simply acting in a pre-emptive manner, (again, what can the United States, who approved Pre-Empitve activity in 2003 against Iraq say to condemn the fact Israel is following its it has done several times, including land invasions of Lebenon, and parts of palestine once, and it would have been twice, had the post-arab spring, Muslim Brotherhood of the New Egypt, directly threatened to support Palestine in the event of a second land invasion recently) Syria claims that Israel was mistaken in its intelligence and the convoy was not weapons. Iran says its an example of violation of Soverignty against Syria and an act of War.

Russia is supporting Syria and Iran with the United Nations...Russia, is also a member of the Security Council.

Meanwhile, British Troops have been deployed in Mali to support the French as a direct result of the recent Algerian hostage crisis.
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