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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Whilst I admire your confidence...I dont share it I'm afraid.

You know, on two occasions I have been Vocal enough to legitamize, possibly a threat. I did make it clear where I stood on the issue of the United Nations in 2003...Whilst I personally wouldnt class that as anti-american...I can see how Nathan might.

Again, I suppose I did talk endlessly about my burdens way back in 1997...but I was asking for help mainly, dont believe that you should brush things under the carpet to save reputations, and really didnt feel like, as a person I wasnt qualified to be Christian Section Moderator.

But this time...Well I hadnt even made up my mind on where I stood on Gun rules...So to say I was too anti-weapons for Matts Sponcers...especially the week he retires...tell me...does he need sponcers when he doesnt fight anymore?

That sounds illegitatmate even for here. I really think it was because I asked Nathan if after talking so brash he would tell us about HIS firearm (or up til recent, possibly lack thereof) that I was threatened. I insulted him personally...and he reacted.

Now, even without being a Moderator I wont shut up...Do you think its beyond belief that they will ban me after this thread. I dont want to be banned...but I wont be oppressed. I aint no slave, and never will be again
Dave, you voluntarily resigned as a moderator and now you are playing your typical "persecution complex" games. It's funny because more than one person predicted that this is exactly what was going to happen.

Either you are delusional and you need serious mental help or you are a liar.

I never held you to any standard that I don't hold myself to. You obviously have a problem with that, so you resigned your position as moderator. Now you are rewriting the event because I honestly believe that you are addicted to pity and you love to make people feel sorry for you. Somehow your self-centered nature feeds off of making everything about you.

That's what you don't seem to understand: The forum is not and never has been about you. Sorry you don't like that, but it's the truth. So you're not allowed to turn Matt's website into your own personal therapy session. That's not fair to everyone else here.

Now you are intentionally fishing for a ban because you think it will somehow prove every lie you have been telling here. Well, sorry to inform you, but you were NEVER in danger of being banned from this website.

Also, Matt still has projects in the works that he will have sponsors for. Not that it's your place to determine whether Matt needs or doesn't need sponsors.
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