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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Nobody will kick you out of here. They might argue with you strongly, but I really doubt anyone would ban you.
Whilst I admire your confidence...I dont share it I'm afraid.

You know, on two occasions I have been Vocal enough to legitamize, possibly a threat. I did make it clear where I stood on the issue of the United Nations in 2003...Whilst I personally wouldnt class that as anti-american...I can see how Nathan might.

Again, I suppose I did talk endlessly about my burdens way back in 1997...but I was asking for help mainly, dont believe that you should brush things under the carpet to save reputations, and really didnt feel like, as a person I wasnt qualified to be Christian Section Moderator.

But this time...Well I hadnt even made up my mind on where I stood on Gun rules...So to say I was too anti-weapons for Matts Sponcers...especially the week he retires...tell me...does he need sponcers when he doesnt fight anymore?

That sounds illegitatmate even for here. I really think it was because I asked Nathan if after talking so brash he would tell us about HIS firearm (or up til recent, possibly lack thereof) that I was threatened. I insulted him personally...and he reacted.

Now, even without being a Moderator I wont shut up...Do you think its beyond belief that they will ban me after this thread. I dont want to be banned...but I wont be oppressed. I aint no slave, and never will be again
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