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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
Dave, I will express my opinions whenever, however, and about whatever I want on here. And you won't be telling me what I need to do about it. You aren't my keeper. I may not want to take the matter beyond. I may just want to bitch about it around here. And that's my perogative. And it is everyone else's perogative, too. That is part of what this board is about.

So you go ahead and plan on your countering but know that I will not have you badgering anyone after posting their opinions. It is really none of your business what we do in our lives other than on this board.

I think that's fair. Don't you?
Oh yes...I quite forgot that EVERYONE is allowed to express their opinion on ALL subjects, EXCEPT FOR ME (and probably any American who happens to be a Democrat, or sympathetic towards them)

What is this irony? Atonement for an Empire based on the Slave Trade or something...because at the back of my mind, and by a lot of attitudes on here, the crux is because I am not American, I am somehow lesser.

I'm Ignorant, I'm Stupid, I dont know what i'm talking about, Its none of my business, I shouldnt talk about that subject, I shouldnt be a Moderator. I am made out to be boring, long winded, worthless in content. I'm probably valued most for my entertainment value. To be laughed at, to roll your eyes at, to excite you all by making a scene which you can embellish by adding your two cents worth.

I want you to know, that if it wasnt for a few extremely solid and supportive friends who do not make me feel like a second class citizen on this forum, I would have ceased to post here entirely during the summer of 2010.

I have been mistreated by the autocrasy here. I dont mind being subordinate where I have to be, but I dont have to be here. I dont mind following rules...but rules made against me as a sole person, that restrict me, where they do not restrict others, is unjust. The reason why I resigned my Modship wasnt an expression of acknolwedgement that I had done anything wrong, or offended anyone. The reason I resigned is because I refused to be Nathans bitch for a third time

I am a Free Man.

if What I have written above means you now want to ban me...then just grant me twenty four hours from the time of your I may pass my forwarding details on to those who I regard as my true friends...and if you cant do that, then I ask you to respectfully remind fourumites, that if when I log off from here, I can never log back on...I can be reached through my facebook account, my myspace account, my youtube account, and my email address.
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