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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
oh, i didn't see a closeup, so i guess it was, i just saw either matt or mark outside the ring while they were showing fights

i agree, it's difficult to know when a hand is down, but of course if they have both hands on your arm you would know, or if they aren't bent all the way over
after the stoppage though, i could hear big john telling dj to watch it whenever dodsen put his hand down, so it was almost a heads up type of thing
don't worry man .. apparently they look similar ... creepy genetics .. LOL

good nite of fights ... impressed with TJ grant .. he was landing some great standing hellbows ... and i think it was lamas and his leg kicks? or am i thinking of the bellator card .. LOL ...

rampage/texiera fight went like i thought and hard to root against anyone in the main event ... both guys are class acts ...
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