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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
From now on, I plan on countering this ethos of strong, black and white opinions, which get blurted on this forum by the same domineering voices all the time, by giving them what they need to take the matter beyond displaying their disregard online in a mixed martial arts forum.

We should all want to do that on subjects we care about...or else, why even bother mentioning it?
Dave, I will express my opinions whenever, however, and about whatever I want on here. And you won't be telling me what I need to do about it. You aren't my keeper. I may not want to take the matter beyond. I may just want to bitch about it around here. And that's my perogative. And it is everyone else's perogative, too. That is part of what this board is about.

So you go ahead and plan on your countering but know that I will not have you badgering anyone after posting their opinions. It is really none of your business what we do in our lives other than on this board.

I think that's fair. Don't you?
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