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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
You see, it's comments like this one that demonstrate your complete ignorance of the topic at hand. It's almost laughable actually.

Also, comparing real world battlefield tactics to the UFC is like preparing for a safari hunt in Africa by taking a trip to the zoo.

The battlefield is so physically demanding that a majority of men can't even keep up. So, when people say stuff like, "Oh on the modern battlefield all you have to do is push a button," then that simply reveals that they have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. I know you didn't say that, but it's a common boiler-plate argument for why women should be allowed into real world combat situations and the only people who believe that statement are the ones who know absolutely nothing about real world combat situations.
I may not have experience...but I know more then you think, after doing Strategic Studies at University.

My point was simply, that sometimes you just make do with what you have. during the second world war, the Country had lost an entire generation of men during the first world war...then you can imagine that not everyone was fit for duty in the strictest sence of the word for the second world war.

Look at Dunkirk...perhaps one of the ultimate battlefields. Proper combat troops trapped between sea on one side, and the enemy on the other. The call went out for ANYONE with ANYTHING capable of floating, to sail across the channel, and litterally pick soldiers out of the water.

Narrowboats, merchant ships, rowing boat...Nathan...rowing boats...went across the channel and as they passed by the continental shores, they scooped up military personnel from the water. Civilians went and collected our armed forces from the beach where they were basically being massicred...none of those sailors went through basic before they left docks Nathan
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