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Originally Posted by wavetar View Post
Sweet! It had been a while since I was even in the running, lol. It didn't look good when I was 2-2 after the first four fights, glad the rest of my pics panned out. Lamas and Grant are beasts!

Hopefully Flo can make me a new sig?
I am sure she will! you do definately deserve it! Everyone loves a Comeback!

Ricardo Lamas was amazing, I mean I expected that level of performance from BOTH of them, but didnt see the end being quite as dominant as that. He's turned out to be a very fine specimen indeed...However I do hope that Erik Koch is able to make his statement Vs whoever is next...He's had a long lay off, he's lost a fight...and the UFC is in the middle of a purge...I DONT want to see Erik Koch get the boot over this.
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