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Originally Posted by TexasRN View Post
What about when a woman is on the front lines, on some critical mission, and she starts her period? She'll have to carry feminine products with her at all times and figure out how to dispose of those items in such a way that won't attract wildlife. These are all things that have to be discussed and figured out.

Now that IS a problem

Have any of you started a petition? Someone should find the Official Details of Leon Panetta, and arrange an appointment to present him with a petition on the matter.

Dont forget to call the press to be on hand when you present the petition

That is the least that any American TRUELY worried about this issue should do. Strikes me that you could garner a great deal of support from like minded Ex-Force community, I am sure there is enough of you on this website to have some kinda contact with that resource.

I would suggest leaving anyone in active service alone. Firstly, I would be suprised if any member of the forces would be allowed to sign a petition involving their own protocol. That would be awkward, and unprofessional unless they were extremely High on the ranking scale. Noone wants to comprimise anyone else.

But one presumes that any Ex-Forces would be permitted to sign, and any other ordinary citizen, providing, of course they dont work in the Civil Service. I expect there would be supporters in local and state Government which, by their very nature, must have views on such things.

Will this change the rulling? No, probably not, not even if you were to garner thousands of signitories. but, it would proove that you had actually tried. That you had discussed an ideaology and had aggreed a consensus, and that, as per your "GOD-Given" Rights, you be allowed to protest, in a peaceful, democratic way, which would not insight violence.

....Policy makers dont like such activities to generate any Journalistic support.

That is what I would do. If anyone decides to do something like that, please let me know, and how it goes.

From now on, I plan on countering this ethos of strong, black and white opinions, which get blurted on this forum by the same domineering voices all the time, by giving them what they need to take the matter beyond displaying their disregard online in a mixed martial arts forum. You have the right to make your collective voices heard, but IMHO, you lack either the motivation, or the effort...or in some places, I think the courage, to even try and change what you dont like. How many of you have ever written to a politician period? I have had occasion to write to the Prime Minister, and bear in mind, I am not of the mind that I lead on matters of politics. Surely, you should own your President...If he is their to serve you, then on matters pertaining to issues you really care about, you should be writing to him. No doubt, he may never get the letters, or some personal secretary might may never get the reply you want...or one at all...but you can always say that you wrote....that you did more then complain, that you offered constructive criticism.

Something I remember from a University debate, that I have never forgotten is, when we once were arguing about the re-installation of the death penalty in England. I was arguing for its re-installation, and one member of the opposing team finally said in exaspiration that perhaps I wouldnt feel that way if I knew someone who was on death row. Soooo there began a three year consultation between myself, and two people who were sentanced to death in the US. One, was obviously innocent, and one was obviously guilty. I got on well with both of them via correspondance. The guilty one, or the one, who by his writtings, I would have thought of as someone who might take short cuts with the law, did something naughty in a place called "Compton" and he was put in San Quentin in California...I lost contact with him when they did something with rebuilding, or trying to maintain the buildings of some part of the prison and they moved a load of them I think. The other guy was from some other State, whose name slips my mind. He sounded normal, and he sounded very sad. He eventually had his sentance reduced to life inprisonment, at which point, I obviously couldnt write to him anymore as he wasnt on death row, and was moved.

Did it change my mind about the death penalty...absolutely not. Did it do anything to encourage the British Government to re-introduce state executions? No...but I had done something other then complain and give my views. I was prepared to DO something to proove I meant what I said.

We should all want to do that on subjects we care about...or else, why even bother mentioning it? BTW...I can not, and will not do anything like this pertaining to anything American...that would be wrong, as I am not an American Citizen...but you should know that I DO practise what I preach in regards to my own Government when the reason arises...and on the subject of International affairs I have every right to write to members of the elite in other States about such things if I feel so inclined...Barack Obama himself is not immune to that if I feel its warrented....I feel that MAY be warrented in the not to distant future, depending on an international response to something we're all awaiting
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