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Originally Posted by TexasRN View Post
Dave, you may have SAD...seasonal affective disorder. I think you get melancholy every year about this time. It's treated with light box therapy or a move to a sunnier climate. I get a touch of it in March if the winter is lasting too long.

Oh I know I have that. We tried a light box therapy thing in 2001 but it didnt really help. I'm on anti-depressants anyway so imagine how bad it might be without them.

As early as 1999 you could read in my Journal its development. First it was Late Janurary to the middle of February...and then it appeared in Autumn, but not as bad, and just for two weeks in the middle of November.

Its always amplified if I have other problems as well, which this year I really do.

I cant exactly move to a sunnier climate although, England is getting darker...none of us got our full quota of sunshine last year because it was one of the most disastorous summers on record....we feel we went straight from spring to that hasnt helpped this winter either

I'll live. I always do
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