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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I didn't even think about the spread of STD's when I was listing all those other negatives!

The article says "Pentagon and Joint Chiefs of Staff", but wouldn't you think the seasoned military people in there know the folly of such an idea...I'm suspicious that all this is "political" and has Obama's handprint on it.
Since when have the powers that be...who, actually are totally unqualified in the actual day to day running of whatever they preside over...inquired of those actually doing the job before making rullings

In ALL the organisations ive ever worked for there has always been people paid millions at the top to make sweeping decisions on matters they dont know at the practical level.

They believe they know why would they ask someone who might know the practicalities of the job before making their rulling.

Nine times out of ten, you will find their protocols CREATE more problems, and the people on the ground are left to adapt...if you remain with a company long enough you even see the recycling of old protocol. Protocol A comes down from one administration to tackle Problem doesnt work, and actually Creates Problem B as a side effect. So Protocol A is abandoned as one problem is better then two. The Administration changes, and some bright spark reinvents Protocol A to Tackle Problem A ALL OVER AGAIN...and when you get the briefing you think...hang on, we've tried this one before....Some are quicker to come about then others...He says...awaiting the upcoming news that we are going to swap chillers AGAIN to make things easier...and in my time we have ping-ponged between these chillers FOUR TIMES IN EIGHT YEARS

Mix pure politics into happens in Government, or the church...and it just makes it worse.

But as the old poem goes "ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do and die"
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