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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I'm about 150% positive that this would be a problem in any military that allowed women to fight side by side with men. However, I'm not using that as a reason that women shouldn't be allowed into combat. I think they shouldn't be allowed into combat because they physically aren't able to do the job. Which will require the military to lower their standards and result in a less effective military.

I fully believe that a male soldier should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if he rapes a woman. However, the Pentagon is clearly hesitant to do that, so it's not right that they would force women into that scenario if they are not serious about solving the problem.

Also, for the record, I do believe that years of sexual repression are a contributing factor behind Catholic priests molesting young boys. I don't think many of them started out as sick perverts, but the legalistic and un-Biblical standards of the Catholic Church gradually turned them into that.
I do think the biggest problem will be of the sexual kind when you mix women and men together like this in these situations, whether consensual or rape. There are already numerous rapes that take place in the military, and sadly there seems to be little that is being done to help these women, in fact, they seem to be the ones who are punished instead of their offenders. This problem will surely only get worse with women being put into combat situations along side men.

I really don't see much of anything positive coming from this decision especially for women. I see an increase in rapes, affairs, broken marriages and families, and lots of unplanned babies. Not to mention an increase in the murder rate--anytime you combine men, women, sex and emotions, there's the increased possibility for a combustible situation, and these people have easy access to weapons. Uh oh, what are they going to do if these type of incidents happen, take away their guns?
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