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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Well, I think he said, "Nerds out there...", but I guess it's the same thing as calling him a nerd. I did wonder why he said that? As for that rule, how are they supposed to know when someone puts their hand down unless they happen to see it? It just seems a little unfair.

I saw when they showed Matt, but I didn't see who was around him...if Mark was there(?).
oh, i didn't see a closeup, so i guess it was, i just saw either matt or mark outside the ring while they were showing fights

i agree, it's difficult to know when a hand is down, but of course if they have both hands on your arm you would know, or if they aren't bent all the way over
after the stoppage though, i could hear big john telling dj to watch it whenever dodsen put his hand down, so it was almost a heads up type of thing
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