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Clay Guida vs. Hatsu Hioki

Round 1:
Robert Madrigal for this fight, which is Guida's first since dropping down to 145 pounds. Guida's boucing around and moving as always. Hioki lands a body shot and a right uppercut. Guida shoots in for a takedown, but Hioki stuffs him. Guida moving around a lot, but not landing much. Hioki connecting with his counters. Two minutes left, Guida scores a takedown. Hioki works for a submission from the bottom, but can't quite control Guida's wrists. Guida attempts a guard pass. Hioki tries to get up, but Guida continues to smother him. One minute left. Hioki briefly gets Guida's back, then moves to a front facelock as they stand. Hioki lands a couple knees.

Round 2:
Second into the round, Guida picks up Hioki, takes him for a ride, and lands the slam. Guida seems to get the best of a grappling match on the ground, but Hioki quickly worked Guida into a Kimura. Hioki, from the bottom, tries to shift to a triangle, then an armbar. Guida picks up Hioki and slams him to break it. Hioki actively working from the bottom, Guida tries to improve his position but doesn't quite. Two minutes left. The referee curiously calls for a standup, considering both guys were working. Hioki lands a late head kick, but Guida absorbs it. I'm guessing the judges call the round for Guida, but Hioki controlled the round from the bottom.

Round 3:
Guida with a takedown about a minute in. Hioki works for a triangle, but Guida squirms out and manuevers into side control. Hioki up against the fence. Ninety seconds left. Guida continues to body lock a sitting Hioki. One minute left. The referee stands them up for the final half-minute. Not much happens late. Guida goes for a takedown late, doesn't get it.

70's pr0n star Clay Guida def. Hatsu Hioki via split decision (29-28 Hioki, 30-27 Guida, 29-28 Guida).

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