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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I know what you mean; I almost went with Vladimir but decided to go with Ryan thinking he might come out faster.
Good choice! Well, as long as Clay wins, I'll be happy!

Mike Stumpf vs. Pascal Krauss

Round 1:
Herb Dean is the referee for this welterweight matchup. Both guys standing in the pocket and throwing single jabs and kicks early, neither guy backing down. Stumpf scores a takedown. Krauss back to his feet and landing with jabs. Krauss clinches Stumpf and lands a knee, but Stumpf lands a standing elbow, and they break. Krauss is turning it on, lands with a front kick. Krauss drops him with a short right, Stumpf is back to his feet. They clinch. Stumpf goes for the takedown and doesn't get it. Krauss with a standing guillotine, lets go as the round ends.

Round 2:
Krauss, with his reach advantage, is slowly starting to pick Stumpf apart in the standup. Krauss scores a takedown. Stumpf reverses position, but can't do a ton with it. Back to their feet. Stumpf has a bloody nose. Stumpf connects with an uppercut, but Krauss shuts him down with a front headlock and lands a couple knees. Krauss transitions to a bodylock and lands several more knees.

Round 3:
Krauss continues to mix up his strikes and land cleaner shorts. Quick timeout so Stumpf can grab his mouthpiece, which was dislodged. Strauss pretty much teeing off, but Stumpf takes them all and comes back for more. No matter where the fight goes, whether it's center octagon or a clinch along the fence, Krauss is dominant, but Stumpf clearly has a solid chin. Midway through the round. Stumpf shoots for a takedown with under two minutes left, but only succeeds in pushing Krauss against the fence. Krauss trips Stumpf and gets into mount. One minute left. Stumpf seems to be just trying to ride out until the end of the round, and he succeeds.

Pascal Krauss def. Mike Stumpf via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).
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