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Originally Posted by flo View Post
Here we go!

Simeon Thoresen vs. David Mitchell

Round 1:
Herb Dean is the referee for this welterweight fight. Mitchell closes the distance early and pops a few jabs. Mitchell continues to stay active with the jab. Thoresen seems content to counter in the early going. Same story midway through the round. Thoresen finally throws a combo and tags Mitchell. Thoresen connects on an inside leg kick. Thoresen landing on counter combos. Both guys start to let their hands go with about a minute left. They clinch along the fence briefly and break. Mitchell tags Thoresen with an uppercut.

Round 2:
Mitchell comes out swinging, Thoresen clinches, but Mitchell rains uppercuts in close. Mitchell drops Thoresen, gets his back and goes for a choke, but doesn't have his hooks in. Thoresen's nose is busted open. Thoresen rolls out of immediate trouble, but Mitchell ends up in his guard. Mitchell stands and throws punches to the downed Thoresen. Two minutes into the round. Mitchell goes for a leg lock. Mitchell lets go and tries to get to his feet, but Thoresen catches him and end up in top position. Mitchell works for a gogoplata. Thoresen escapes. He can't do much with his top position. One minute left. Mitchell ends up in top position. He stands up and stomps Thoresen's body. Time runs out.

Round 3:
The fight nearly gets called in between rounds due to an eyelid cut for Thoresen. He's cleared to continue. The two engage in a standing position battle along the fence, but Thoresen pops free and heads back to center Octagon. Time-out called as Thoresen has loose tape on his glove. Back to action. Thoresen connects on a big right, but Mitchell shakes it off. Thoresen whiffs on a high kick. Another clinch battle along the fence. they hit the ground as Thoresen tries to work a Kimura from the bottom. Mitchell escapes and stands. Thoresen dares him to take it back to the ground, then returns to his feet. Midway through the round. Thoresen connects with an inside leg kick. Thoresen sprawls a takedown attempt. They hit the ground anyway and Mitchell works for a triangle and an armbar. Mitchell lands hammerfists from the position. Thoresen rolls out.

David Simeon def. Simeon Thoresen via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

Sheesh, UFC cuts off the FB feed right before the end of the third round, once it was 2:00. They need to ditch the whole FB thing, IMO.

*fight commentary courtesy of*
Flo, looks like they accidentally put Simeon's first name for David's last name! And I agree, ditch FB!...Make it simpler...put it all on TV!

I just got done doing my predictions, not only was I late, I'm already 0-2! <double sigh!>
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