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Rafael Natal vs. Sean Spencer

Round 1:
Robert Madrigal is the referee for this middleweight fight. Early action leads to an eye poke by Natal. Time-out is called and Spencer gets checked by the doctor. We're back to action. Spencer's more active, with a busy stance, as he looks to set up the right hand. Two minutes in. Natal throws a spinning back fist which misses, then follows with a low kick. Spencer drops Natal with a left hook, but Natal's right back to his feet. Two minutes left. Natal throws a nice three-punch combo. The two grapple along the fence, then break. One minute left. Natal with another backlist, Spencer hits the deck, and Natal rains down punches. That sealed the round for Natal.

Round 2:
Natal throws a couple low kicks. Spencer lands a right and throws an axe kick which misses. Natal with a takedown. Spencer's got his back against the fence. A scramble ends with both standing. Natal lands a knee and bodylocks Spencer against the fence. Midway through the round. Natal gets underhooks and connects with a trip. Spencer's guard is tight and Natal isn't able to do much with the position. One minute left. Spencer tries to get back to his feet, but Natal gets his back. Thirty seconds left. Natal landing punches and hammerfists. Spencer survives a last-second choke.

Round 3:
Spencer was a late substitute and he's starting to tire. Natal with a takedown, then transitions into side control. Natal crucifixes Spencer and starts landing elbows. Spencer trying to wriggle free, but can't do it. Natal works a deep Americana, but give up on it. He transitions to an arm triangle and Spencer taps.

Rafael Natal def. Sean Spencer via submission (arm triangle) at 2:13 of round three.
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