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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
1) I expect an ounce of self discipline. Thats like trying to say the recent paedophilia in the Roman Catholic Church is because the Vatican dont let the clergy get married...When you drop an altar boy into the middle of an environment where he is surrounded by old letcherous men, whose lives are full of enforced celebacy, what do you expect to happen?


I hope our military doesnt have this kinda problem. You know I strongly believe that the Military is a calling, and the highest outside of the Church...and yet if what your saying is true universal of military misconduct around women, it would appear that the armed forces match the Church on the par of complete degredation and corruption

2) then instead of campaigning against women in combat...perhaps you should start campaigning FOR those principles to return. Lets face it...regardless of temptation, you should be able to resist. You might not be able to control whether the powers that be place women in your midst, but you absolutely CAN control whether you use that as an excuse for whatever reason to rape, or harras.

Ironically of all insitutions, it is those in the Armed Forces, and those in the Church who should bloody well know better.

I hasten to add...before you go and blurt that im just being argumentative and difficult...that I aggree that women should not be put into combat roles where possible. I dont say thats because of a lack of self control in the men, like you...I dont say it because I think that women given the training, couldnt do that same, probably just as well.

I dissagree with it because it goes against my basis of ettiquette, that says, frankly, women shouldnt be put in danger. There are ways that Men should treat women which I hold quite strongly to. You should always make sure, for example, if you are walking along a road and spot a woman coming the other way, that YOU move to the curb so as she passes you she is nowhere near the road. If the pavement is too thin, then YOU step into the road so she doesnt have to. When ladies come in to a room you are supposed to stand up, if you are seated, to greet them. If there is no space on the bus, you give up your seat and let them sit instead....You should let the board first even if they arrived at the stop after you (I personally tend to ussher everyone onto a bus first, but thats just me) You should be opening and closing car doors for them.

Now...for someone in that position, why would you ever want to put them in a situation where they would have to fight? I dont mind them being in support...but they should never be on the battlefield unless they are some kinda Amazonian, who would take offense at the above ettiquette, and so out of respect for their belief, you would suspend it when dealing with them.

I dont even like the thought of Women MMA I'm afraid...I'm horrified its now a part of the UFC, and I wont be watching it Personally.

Like I said...if women want to do MMA, or go into combat, that is their decision...but I dont have to support it, nor do I have to like it.
I'm about 150% positive that this would be a problem in any military that allowed women to fight side by side with men. However, I'm not using that as a reason that women shouldn't be allowed into combat. I think they shouldn't be allowed into combat because they physically aren't able to do the job. Which will require the military to lower their standards and result in a less effective military.

I fully believe that a male soldier should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law if he rapes a woman. However, the Pentagon is clearly hesitant to do that, so it's not right that they would force women into that scenario if they are not serious about solving the problem.

Also, for the record, I do believe that years of sexual repression are a contributing factor behind Catholic priests molesting young boys. I don't think many of them started out as sick perverts, but the legalistic and un-Biblical standards of the Catholic Church gradually turned them into that.
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