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Originally Posted by huan View Post
semper fi, devil dog. consider myself blessed to have met you and other forum members in Denver. thanks so much for everything, and I truly hope our paths cross again. stay safe, brother...
same same myfriend!! Hope all is well for you!!

Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post

That's when I first "met" Matt too, watching UFC 52, and I must say the man DID make an impression! The only difference in our stories is the hot dog, the beer, and seeing it live...oh, and the peeing part! I actually didn't see it until April 2008 on dvd, and I'm sooo happy I had the ability to rewind! I was like you, Boom..."Who is this guy!"

Another great tale, Boomer! You truly have been blessed with a gift.

You are great Bonnie .. Ill be in Houston in May on leave. We'll have to grab another coffee!!
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