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I saw matt get hit right in the junk and looked to the ref for a call. No call .. what?? Trigg drives him to the fence. I'm mad .. so I decide to eat my hotdog to console myself. I take a big bite, start to take a drink of my beer, I look up and OH MY GOD!! matt had picked Trigg up over his should. OH MY GOD .. he's walking him across the cage OH OH OH MY GOD .. HE JUST SLAMMED HIM INTO THE CAGE FLOOR!! I stood up yelled and screamed .. spilled my beer and peed a little! JUSTICE!!!!!! Glorious I had to find out who this guy was.

That's when I first "met" Matt too, watching UFC 52, and I must say the man DID make an impression! The only difference in our stories is the hot dog, the beer, and seeing it live...oh, and the peeing part! I actually didn't see it until April 2008 on dvd, and I'm sooo happy I had the ability to rewind! I was like you, Boom..."Who is this guy!"

Another great tale, Boomer! You truly have been blessed with a gift.
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