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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
No...actually...I cant. How is it the Military can train a man for war...but not install the discipline and maturity needed to avoid unwanted sexual contact with a female collegue.

I think its outrageous and disgusting...and far from "oh, better not put women in coz that will make the sex worse" how about dealing with the actual problem, which doesnt appear to be the woman in this situation now does it.

You know...if you cant trust a soldier with a woman do you know they can do any of their duty?

Perhaps if its too hard for the males to cope with a female in their midst, then the armed forces oughta do same sexed groupings?
I'm not saying it's okay or condoning the behavior in any way, but that's just one of the ugly sides of human nature. People are inherently evil and no amount of discipline is going to erase that fact. When you drop a woman into the middle of an environment where she is surrounded by young, strong men who's lives are in constant danger, what do you expect to happen?

Back when military discipline was based on Judeo-Christian values, this wasn't as much of a problem. But then again, the military leaders knew enough to not even present the temptation to their men in the first place. Nowadays, with an increasingly secular and godless military, this kind of thing is starting to become the norm.
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