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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
besides what nate and flo already said i would just emphasize that sexual abuse includes harrassment. you could imagine the amount of unwanted attention that a female gets in a male platoon, but honestly what are they going to do about it, i mean, the female themself won't do anythinga\ about it due to not wanting to be ostercized
No...actually...I cant. How is it the Military can train a man for war...but not install the discipline and maturity needed to avoid unwanted sexual contact with a female collegue.

I think its outrageous and disgusting...and far from "oh, better not put women in coz that will make the sex worse" how about dealing with the actual problem, which doesnt appear to be the woman in this situation now does it.

You know...if you cant trust a soldier with a woman do you know they can do any of their duty?

Perhaps if its too hard for the males to cope with a female in their midst, then the armed forces oughta do same sexed groupings?
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