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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
1) your such a nut

2) so that would be about 300 thats EXTORTIONATE I am suprised that many people have that sort of money to be honnest. That Money could buy me a Moped for when I can drive

3) Sorry...I dont understand the difference between handgun and shotgun and dont understand why you can buy loads of one on one liscence, but need a liscence for each of the other.

Also...what happens if you either move states, or travel to different states where legislation is you have to re-register, or get rid of?

At least at that sort of price, they would fetch a pretty penny if you had to get rid
A handgun is small pistol and easily concealed. Also, long guns (rifles/shotguns) can be used for hunting where I don't know many people who hunt with handguns. I'm guessing that's why the extra permit required in NJ for buying handguns.

If you move, you'll need to do whatever the new state requires to keep/carry your guns legally. If you move from a state like Texas or Arizona to NJ, good luck!
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