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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke View Post
that is a very good point ... i know i have heard in the past that feminist groups have tried to make it so that women had to register also, to no avail, so i am wondering if this gains steam again ...

and is it 18-35??? i thought it was mid 20's .. oh well, either way ...
I keep hearing different numbers, but I do know that 35 is the oldest that men are allowed to enlist voluntarily in the Army (I'm not sure about the Marines, Navy, or Air Force). Now that I look it up, it seems the maximum drafting age is either 25 or 28.

Either way, we're talking about tens of millions of women who would be suddenly required to register for the draft. That's a public relations nightmare and it's exactly why they are never going to require it. Which simply proves this is not about military readiness or improving our national defense, it's about scoring points with the electorate at the expense of our nation's security.
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