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Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
I've never thought about that. Good question, Dave, since laws in different states might vary.
Thanks Bonnie

I know that if you went from the US to England you wouldnt be able to take them with you. Soverign State Issues...BUT as with Europe, Soverign States can be in a Union...where they will allow you to bypass laws of Soverignty, on the grounds that you are a member of the Union

Thats why someone from France wouldnt need a Visa to enter England....and yet someone from the US would probably need something (it may not be called a visa, but they usually have visitors fill out some kinda form on the plane )

The point is...if your in the Union, your exempt from those laws...I could see the Federal Government saying that since you bought the guns legally in one state, they are yours, they are registered, and because you are a member of the American Union, if you move to a different state, whilst you cant maybe buy more of the same type of gun...perhaps they would let you keep guns you already had...they were legal where and when you bought them.

In the same way I could see the opposite. Soverign State, Different Rules, if you want to keep your guns, fine...but dont move here, sort of thing.
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