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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
1) By not bowing to popular pressure and allowing the questions to be ignored or swept under the carpet.

2) It's extremely difficult to get accused of treason in the United States unless you are a member of the military or a government employee.

3) You say that as if words are not a powerful thing in and of themselves. Haven't you ever heard the old saying, "the pen in mightier than the sword"?

There are plenty of example of words inspiring change for the better in the world: the Bible, "Common Sense" by Thomas Paine, the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, the Gettysburg Address, Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech, and the list goes on.

So don't discount the power of words.
1) Here I was thinking you were all for sweeping things under the carpet to make them LOOK right, even if they are not right. I thought from experience, that your attitude was pretty much out of sight, out of mind. I have never believed that "Silence" over an issue makes it go away.

Glad to hear you dont either

BUT asking the questions on a Forum like this hasnt changed anything has it? You are no closer to finding out the truth, youve only proved that your able to think outside the box over it...which is commendable...why should you trust what you see, simply coz you see it through a bias media....but what do you get out of questioning it here...that wont aid your knowledge...surely to find out, you'd need to get in contact with the people who made the video, or the authorities....are you allowed to enquire of a criminal procedure? I am not sure that we really are...privacy laws and data protection mean the police cant just tell the truth, or even speak, to just anybody.

2) I suppose they would also be classed differently...for example, deserting your post could be counted as treason...but they wouldnt call it treason but dereliction of duty, or desertion. I imagine that for a government employee it would be Breach of Confidence

It all depends on your definition of Treason. Look at the British Government...Members have to take an oath, in that oath it states that the Queen is the Highest Court in the do we say all Parliamentarians are Traitors because they have all allowed the European Supreme Court to work within this land?

Is that Treason against the Queen? Is that, in theory, a hangable offense by the strictest interpretation of the Law....certainly anything over 200 years ago, it most definately would have been...and thats AFTER the Civil War, and AFTER the Glorious Revolution, and AFTER a permanent Government sat.

You didnt answer my Question. What would it take to create a response that was MORE then Words. You also have no Faith in your pen...this thread is the epitome of your central view...which is thus...without your Sword you can be Oppressed.

If you believe it the power of the pen...give up your Sword.

You cant have it both ways. First we see you argue that in order to defend yourself and your rights, you must keep your guns at all cost. The Federal Government is out to get you, and without your guns you are oppressed.

Yet...when I ask you what, then, will it take to get you to USE your guns (if you actually have one) You suddenly play down the need for a Gun. The Pen is more mighty, you say. Can Pens Level your playing field...My Goodness, if only my Incan Friend had a Pen he would have no doubt stopped the Spanish

We are left to believe one of two things. Either, you didnt mean what you said in the first place. OR you are afraid to admit where what you said leads to. Which is it Nathan...A Gun to level a playing field...Or a Pen to stop the Feds?

Deterents are no good if you arent fully willing to use them when push comes to shove.
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