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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
1)Not really. Just goofing with you. Got this image from google.

2)I'm sure they do. From recent looking around, a basic hand gun would run in the $500 range.

3) Different for every state. In NJ, with my Firearm ID card I can buy long guns (shotguns, rifles) but require additional permits each time I want to buy a handgun.
1) your such a nut

2) so that would be about 300 thats EXTORTIONATE I am suprised that many people have that sort of money to be honnest. That Money could buy me a Moped for when I can drive

3) Sorry...I dont understand the difference between handgun and shotgun and dont understand why you can buy loads of one on one liscence, but need a liscence for each of the other.

Also...what happens if you either move states, or travel to different states where legislation is you have to re-register, or get rid of?

At least at that sort of price, they would fetch a pretty penny if you had to get rid
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