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Originally Posted by rev View Post
1)Well Dave, I wont post pics of my guns because I dont want people to know what i have but i will try and help you understand whatever I can about guns.
2)What do you want to know. I imagine there are a lot of people on here who would answer.
1) is that because you are worried if you said you had X...then someone who thought they could...I dont know steal from you or something...might be able to know what gun to get that would beat yours?

I it out of safety/fear that you dont want to clarify...or is considered a bit rude to ask? I mean the friend I have on youtube seems to test guns...I dont think he actually owns them, he's just able, somehow to use them for target practising, and he doesnt mind saying "oh this is blah, blah, blah...and lists all the pros and cons...and I dont really understand a lot of use telling me what point it carries or something, when I dont know if thats good or bad...I mean...I suppose it depends what your using it

But it may be a little like asking a woman her age...I mean...perhaps you just dont ask what type of gun someone has...I dont know the cultural ettiquete

2) Everything...I figure, the more you know, the better based your opinions are..but start with whatever list I had in the post I did earlier today
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