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Soooo...Until Nathan gets round to answering my questions...which I'm sure he will do in the fullness of time...

perhaps people can like post photographs of their Stated before, I havent made up my mind where I stand on restrictions...and a large part of that is because I actually dont know much about firearms at all.

I dont know what the current laws in your country actually are specifically
I dont know much about how firearms work
I dont know much about the registration process, except that it takes ages apparently
I dont know what types there are, what distinguishes one from another, what their different statistics are.

Noone has seen fit to actually educate me on the basics, when they should know, we dont have them here. Perhaps if I actually understood them better, I might be better informed.

You might laugh at that...but it worked with the ideal of hunting. I used to be against Hunting..but when it was explained to me that hunting certain things were done at certain times only, and it was all recorded, and most of it not just for fun or sport, but for food...and when I visited your country and discovered that if you banned all hunting, you would be so over-ridden with wildlife, it would be impossible to live in a safe environment, I changed my mind.

So rather then write me off, as I think a number of you have about you actually engage with me instead. I'm verrra interactive you know

I want to see photographs, video...and the answers to the above. That should keep you all going
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