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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I'm not going to say that the government definitely did stage it or that it's 100% a hoax. I'm just saying that if we are expected to hand over our Constitutional rights based on this shooting, then there are some unanswered questions surrounding the event itself that must be addressed. Otherwise, it's just paranoia and mass hysteria (which are the two primary weapons in the arsenal of the anti-gun crowd).
Too True, What are Constitutional Rights after all, if they are not Constantly exercised

How do you intend on making sure those "Unanswered Questions surrounding the event itself" are addressed?

Does your Law have any writ over the subject of Treason..? Does such a Concept even exist without a Soverign to comit Treason against. How can one commit Treason against a group of individuals who are not unfied on their belief in the first place...

How are you to act righteously in the face of the possibility that your worry prooves to be valid and their is something to this conspiracy theory? What would it take to move you from words on a page, to actually doing something about your complaints?

Lots to ponder Mr Rosario
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