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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Its just opportunistic.

I grant you that they may use the Event for their own agenda...dont we all Nathan??

That doesnt mean there wasnt an event in the first place...or that the event was staged to give a motive.

It means that something happened, and it can be used to the advantage of a specific administration. All Administrations are opportunistic. They are obviously going to look for excuses to push their agenda, thats not limited to the Democrats...neither is it limited to the Federal Government

It doesnt mean the event never happened, or the event was just means they capitalized on any excuse to do what they wanted.

We've all done it ourselves. Used something as an excuse, to justify our own wants. It makes them, and us, guilty of exploitation...but not of causing the issue.
I'm not going to say that the government definitely did stage it or that it's 100% a hoax. I'm just saying that if we are expected to hand over our Constitutional rights based on this shooting, then there are some unanswered questions surrounding the event itself that must be addressed. Otherwise, it's just paranoia and mass hysteria (which are the two primary weapons in the arsenal of the anti-gun crowd).
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