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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
just so we're clear tyburn, it's not a conspiracy theory that says the government committed this massacre, it's a theory that says the massacre never actually occurred

after all you only believe what you see on tv, and tv can do literally anything nowadays with the technology we have

the only difference between iron man the movie(which is as lifelike as can be) and the sandy hook hoax (which is also very believable) is that the media tells us iron man is fake and sandy hook is real, but if sandy hook is real there are some major gaps in the story line
Which begs the question...where did the Children named as those who died go to?

I dont know whats worse...that the Federal Government do the massicre...or go to such extents to hoax a massicre

IF you are correct, then whose kidknapped the Children, and where are they now...and how did they fool those on the ground like the parents??

I get that media can twist things...but that is a hell of a stunt...I would expect that the only justification for doing a stunt like that would be to outright ban every single firearm in the country.

Thats not whats being proposed by anyone.

So much work, so much risk...for a long term restriction that only a few states will feel, wont solve the issue...there is no way its worth the time or money from the Federal point of view.

Now IF Obama in the next month, issues outright banning of firearms akin to England...THEN I would say you have a working theory...until then, there is as much chance of it being there of it being a UFO cover up...perhaps the little green men stole the children and this was the best cover story the Federation could come up with...

Sorry...that Ananakie conspiracy theory just gets everywhere...look what watching one of those horrible videos did to me pickled my Brain hahaha
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