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Originally Posted by Neezar View Post
I don't normally watch them either. And I never believe any of it unless I research something myself. But I trust that I can usually discern BS from a legitimate claim. And some of the video was easily explained away, but there were some things on there that are just .....well, bizarre.

Like I said, I don't buy that the gov't perpertrated this hoax. However, there are some very good questions out there that need to be answered. Like who was the person the police chased into the woods and handcuffed? Who was the third person in the parking lot that a kid said he saw face down and handcuffed?

I have questions that I haven't even seen mentioned on the conspiracy video. A teenage boy was interviewed during the ordeal that day. He said he saw a 'trooper' bring out a child that was all bloody. He said he saw them bring two more kids out. Why were these children not taken to the hospital? Why were only three brought out? And he said he and his mom live down the street. They were some of the first ones there. His little sister had been in that school. They were still there HOURS later. When asked where his mom was, he said 'over there somewhere' and pointed to a crowd of people off to the left. Really? My child is involved in something like that, I just can't see myself hanging around the scene for HOURS with my child still there!

And what about the little girl who hid under her friends and played dead. Reports said she came out covered in blood. And she wasn't taken to the hospital? Just for the trauma witnessed alone I would have thought she would be taken to the hospital.

I don't know. Just weird.
I dont like watching conspiracy stuff, you never know who is monitoring what you are watching...I know...that sounds like a conspiracy in itself
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