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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
But they didnt...thats my point about Might Makes Right...its about those who have guns...and where everyone has guns, its just those who have bigger guns, or more guns, or faster guns...Guns dont level the playing field, as you suggested, at best, they raise the Might to a whole new worst they just swing the ballence away from those with only traditional weaponry

Why do you think the US dont want Iran to have a nuclear programme?

Its because without one...they are pretty much the Spanish, in my Incan parody. In theory, America could wipe the Irainians out. To give Iran a Nuke would "level the playing field" and then suddenly America would be forced to have to treat them as an equal rather then a subordinate.

Try reading Frederich Nietzsche thoughts on The Will to Power, and The Will to Knowledge...He talks about what he calls "power discourse" which is exactly what you like to watch whenever you switch on to the UFC...Its why things like Professional Wrestling are so entertaining to men as old as fifty odd....These things are displays of Dominance and submission...of the flow of power...and sometimes, its reversal

Magnified to a much greate extent is the philosophy that everyone is held in a network of power between one and another. You are subordinate to your boss, You are dominant over your Children...obvious ones...and then there are less obvious ones.

Having met you in person, I know you arent half as brash in real life as you come across in person. The internet is strange because it can allow people to reverse the power discourses of normal everyday life. People can have an aura about them online, which implies status and dominance, that they do not have in person....What they effectively do sometimes, is be alot more free online then they are in person, it enables an expression which is sometimes false, just simply because there is no human contact. I cant see your expression when you type...I only have your words on the screen...they make you out to be a real black and white brash American...I know in person that you are not, if anything I kinda remember you as quiet, maybe not shy, but certainly not forthright like you appear online.

I remember distinctly you said a similar thing about believing that online I was far more emotional, or emotive, or sensative, or something like that, and when you met me you discovered actually I wasnt.

Do you even own a firearm? and if you do...have you ever fired a gun...even for target practise or something....? (and this excludes your time in the military Nathan)

Most people, like you and I dont really do it deliberately...its impossible to convey yourself properly online, and of course your reaction is to other peoples thoughts of you online, not the real you. But there are people who do it deliberatley...those are extreme trolls...and you see them bragging about what they could do, or could not do, because the internet shields them....sure they could take on Matt Hughes in a fight and win...they might sound convincing...but they are some pasty underaged nerd from the back of beyond who gets beaten up every day at school coz he's Skeered.

This is what Nietzsche meant...and it exists between everyone...and also at many different levels...on a big scale...its what makes the world of international politics work, It is the profound nuances in Barack Obamas weekly address, as much as it is in the awe inspiring launch of the most recent north Korean missile. Its the power of the press to shame the Government into a U-Tern - as much as it is the illicit authority of the European Supreme Court in this land.

Power is never Equal Nathan....not ever...even in a marriage, a Christian, loving, satisfying, long person is dominant, one is submissive.

...and whilst the reversal of a discourse can be self satisfying Saddam and his silly beggers with the weapons inspectors...sooner or later, the Submissive will be knocked back by the Dominant.

Might Makes Right...and it always will. Guns or no Guns.
I did not read your entire post.

For very good reasons.

Can you guess what those reasons might be?

Anyways, I was referring mainly to individuals not societies when I described guns as leveling the playing field. A technologically superior society is always going to have an advantage over a primitive society. That didn't suddenly start when guns were invented. So, try not to muddy the waters with irrelevance.
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