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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Sorry I got here a little late for the party Flo...though you seem to be having a good enough time all of your own

I am a bit puzzled by the Nobre match...I did see two strikes to the back of the head, BUT they were when he was warned, NOT when the fight was called. I also dont understand how sometimes when these things happens its a disqualification, and sometimes its only a no contest...I happen to think that Nobre wasnt faking not being able to get up.,..but that the damage came from the ear blows...lets not forget its inside the ear, NOT inside the brain stem, that ballence is controlled from. IMHO it should have been a Tko Victory for Alcantara...especially considering the earlier low blow.

As for Bisping...THE thinkg I pointed out on my predictions video is that the ONLY people to have ever beaten Vitor Belfort are Champions, who have defended their belts. THAT is the level you have to be. Having said that I was dissapointed they spent so much time dancing around in the first, I'm dissapointed with the vitor belfort eye poke...and im dissapointed the finish wasnt after a proper domination. There are some who would argue that had the fight not ended with a wayward high kick of some sort...the match could easily have gone into Bispings favour....had the same happened at the start of the third round after a dominating second round for Vitor I think the damage of the loss would be more permanent with regards to any title shot.

I like Khabib Nurmagomedov, but wished he hadnt spent so much time dancing around at the start...I also dont think ive EVER seen Diego Nunes look so bad...Nik Lentz should have tried harder and got a finish

Thanks for making this thread though Flo
Oh sure, Dave! Yeah, I think I was the only one here last night!!!

I wondered about disqualification vs. no contest as well. Good analysis, I saw it much the same. I don't know why Nik couldn't finish, Nunes *did* look ineffective although he got a flurry or good strikes in at the end of the 2nd round, IIRC. It was just boring, I wandered off during the third round to do something else.
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