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Originally Posted by BradW View Post
while I may not believe what you do when it comes to God I actually do believe in think God protects people that live a life of worship
and I believe God influences nothing of our day to day lives at all...
and that's no matter who you are,good or evil.

I really believe God lets the chips fall where they may and our journey through
life is just a test and that test of our humanity is the reason we are all here.

so put down the guns and pass the test damn it !

just jk....but only about part of that.
AHHHH an Enlightenment Thinker YES...Emanuel Kant...GOD as Watchmaker...winds it all up...walks away, watches from afar

Do you believe in Rationale and Reason also? Scientific Logic and Modernity? are those the litmus test for your faith and belief in everything
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