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Originally Posted by huan View Post
separates us from the middle east which regularly hangs people for not following islam you mean, right?

You know...I'd love to know about the gun restrictions in middle eastern countries...coz I think thats pretty lacking.

Not to be rude...but your an armed nation...and that hasnt stopped your Federal Government denuding you of your consitutional rights since the Civil War has it.

Think from your Governments perspective...its not actually in their interest for you to be disarmed. Why would they need you disarmed...when they have you by the balls financially...

I spoke to some American who said their taxes would have gone up over 300 if the fiscal cliff had not been averted, overnight, per month


Your Federation could bleed you all dry of cash in months...thats far easier and safer in their minds then taking your guns...after all...youve all made it clear you dont want to give them up.

I'm not Anti-American...I'm Possibly Anti-Federal Government

To be honnest...I dont know where I stand on Gun laws...except, I personally dont want to see them lying around the place, nor would I feel safe knowing other people would have them. I certainly wouldnt want one GOD, a gun in the hands of a depressive will end up in a damn sight more then tears

If I was the Federal Government, supposing I wanted to disarm you, I would do it without asking for anyones guns period. What I would do is limit the amunition...and put up the prices...Thats how I'd work myself out of the fiscal cliff...forget an increase in tax, or a badly disguised health reform

Start thinking massive price hikes on Guns, ammunition, Alcohol and Smokes...and then actively encourage the buying of guns...that way the worst case scenario is that you get a shed load of money and nothing changes with the guns and case get a shed load of money until the population cant afford those items anymore

Then you can really start to oppress them with tyrany

Sorry...I got carried away then
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