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Originally Posted by BradW View Post
the USA for the most part is a culture of violence...
and that is what separate's you guys from the rest of the free world.

but its not your fault...its what you have been taught and until you decide to teach your children something different it will always be that way.
Bit harsh

The American people are less gungho then their politicians...remember, their politicians can always be gungho coz they never actually do the physical fighting....the Males in the North might like to watch violence...but I suspect its more bravado then anything else.

Even those who argue passionately person may be less intimidating...even with a gun

I cant speak about the South...Never met anyone from down there, and...have trouble understanding the accents to be honnest. Not so much with women...but with Males they just speak way to fast. I remember meeting Preach in the US...couldnt understand a word he said
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