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Do you honnestly think that the Federal Government could be behind a massicre at a school simply to use it as an excuse to put a few more restrictions on firearms??

Do you believe the Federal Government was behind the attack on The World Trade Centre aswell??

I dont pretend that Governments dont do naughty things...but usually its smaller naughty things. I know of at least Two people that I believe our Government assassinated for matters of National Security (i.e to protect a lie that was in their interest in making the general public believe)

But I dont think they would be behind something, like, for example the terrorist attack on the London Tubes..

I have of course heard conspiracy tales that they did that...but it pushes the boundaries of my sence that Governments wouldnt take the risk of looosing power over it.

I personally believe that the shooting at that school, and the shooting at that cinema, were simply the result of a nutter with a gun...I wouldnt even blame Gun Law...since in all cases, these guns were legal in their ownership.

I personally believe that Islamists were behind the Terrorist attacks on New York City, Whilst I concure that maybe the Federal Government were warned, I dont think the looking over of the threat was a deliberate ploy to allow it to happen. You cant take every threat as an apokalypse

If the World Trade Centre collapsed wrongly, as some people claim, IMHO its coz they were not built right, not because its proof that in some way the Federal Government blew them up in plain sight to cause their collapse in a certain way

Whilst I do believe that both The American Government and the British Government are behind state sponcered assasinations on both their own soil and foreign territory...I do not believe the attack on the London Underground was designed by the British Government for any ulternative agenda

I dont believe in those conspiracies any more then I do in the Ananakie

As for the rest of you. Your Federal Government has been taking away your Consitutional Rights since the Civil War...Thats what Big Government/Federations/Empires are all about. Complaining is something a lot of you do...Action...I've seen none...and I dont even mean taking your guns and rioting...I mean ive seen no actual constructive measures from any of you, whatsoever...Its enough to make me think that actually you might LIKE being in bondage because if you were consitutionally free you would have no Big Government to complain about

The Key is to Empower your State Governments, (or simply return to them what they should never have given up) Enough States Can bring majorities in the Congress...well...that would be if you all werent so blinded by Bi-Partisan Nonsence...

Who cares about Democrats and Republicans...Shouldnt you be fighting for your STATE rather then a party...Dont you see that until you have a unified State, your State cant act as a singularity in Congress properly....Thats how the Federation are stopping a rebellion on a State Level

Perhaps if You could see how your Federation formed you would understand what I am talking about. Its always been "this way" with you, because none of you are old enough to have known a Different America. Well...In England, we are about to witness, and have been witnessing over the last thirty years, the formation of a Federal Europe...Whose manifesto is more akin to your present American Federal Government...then the pre-civil war Federal Government.

The only way to solve your problems is to rewind to a Pre-Civil War Federation. You act like this is the first time your Government has stamped on you...but its NOT.

Soooo my constructive question to you politically can you turn the clocks back Two Hundred odd years....Where have all the patriots gone... Bursts into song "Oh for the wings, for the wings, of a dove...."
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