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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
I've been starting to wonder about this myself. We just take for granted that everything we see on the news is legitimate, so it would be extremely easy to stage an event like the one in Connecticut. In fact, I expected that there would be another shooting incident within a few days after the concealed carry ban was struck down in Illinois (Obama's home state). Plus, we know that the Obama Administration has been lying through its teeth about the whole "fast and furious" gun-running scandal.

If it's making people so willing to just hand over the freedoms that Americans have fought for over the last 236 years, then I think we really do need to question whether this event actually happened or not.
I am definitely not one who usually gets into conspiracy theorys. But I DO have a huge problem with the lack of medical personnel that was present at that school. And the local ER physician who said not one child was brought to the ER. When were the medical personnel allowed in to assess the live or dead, to see if there were any chance of saving any of those children? That isn't something that law enforcement should be doing.

I also have a problem with the parents not being allowed to view their children. AS hard as it might be, THAT is something that I would have to do. I don't see how they can legally refuse that. They can't here in our state.
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