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Vitor Belfort vs. Michael Bisping

Round 1:
Dan Miragliotta is the referee. Belfort opens southpaw, Bisping in orthodox stance. Bisping doing all the stalking in the first minute. Head kick from Belfort is blocked. Neither has really landed anything effective thus far, but Bisping throwing more. Bisping lands a left, but it's not too hard. Bisping lands a partial right, but eats an uppercut. Jab from Bisping. And another. Left hand and middle kick from Belfort finds the mark. Right straight and a head kick from Belfort also lands. And now a knee to the middle.

MMA Fighting scores this round 10-9 Belfort

Round 2:
Bisping is bleeding from the nose and the left high kick drops Bisping again. This time a few more punches does the trick and the fight is stopped. Vitor is your winner.

Vitor Belfort def. Michael Bisping via TKO (strikes) at of round 2

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