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Daniel Sarafian vs. C.B. Dollaway

Round 1:
Mario Yamasaki is the referee. Both fighters open orthodox. Lots of feeling out from both fighters early. Sarafian charges forward in a flurry and landed a shot or two on the way in. Right hand drops Dollaway, but he's scrambling by trying to get a single. Sarafian breaks it off and they resume striking in the middle. Left hook in the pocket cracks Dollaway. Sarafian firing off all kinds of punches using his incredible speed, still much of it missing.

Round 2:
Both fighters missing with wild spinning kicks. Sarafian presses Dollaway into the fence, but backs away. Sarafian drops Dollaway again with a right hand, but an overshot on a takedown finds them both standing again after a short scramble. A failed takedown from Sarafian leads to a body kick from the Brazilian. Dollaway lands a few short left hooks as Sarafian comes in, but they don't land with any authority. An uppercut catches Sarafian coming in and he's badly stunned. The bell saves him. That was Sarafian's round until then.

Round 3:
Left hand from both fighters temporarily stun each other. Both fighters also taking deep breaths. Both fighters AGAIN trade left hooks in the middle. Dollaway gets the takedown on an exhausted Sarafian, but he's able to stand back up. He's taken down again, but Sarafian scores with a pendulum sweep. Now he's in half guard and then he moves to mount and then back mount. Dollaway fakes with one turn and then switches sides to move into guard. ANOTHER pendulum sweep puts Sarafian on top and he even scores a knee. Really close round.

C.B. Dollaway def. Daniel Sarafian via split decision (29-28 Dollaway, 29-28 Sarafian, 29-28 Dollaway)

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