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Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Ben Rothwell

Round 1:
Marc Goddard is the referee. Ben Rothwell already switching stances and stalking. One-two lands for Rothwell, but Gonzaga in on the single leg, but can't quite get it yet. He switches to a double and then back to the single. A scramble ensues and Rothwell is still being pressed against the fence. Gonzaga gets the single and is trying to get behind him, but Rothwell stands. The referee separates them and they resume striking. Gonzaga attempts another takedown, but Rothwell separates early. Rothwell briefly presses Gonzaga into the fence, but separate and the Brazilian lands a series of right hands. Big one-two combination again from Rothwell, but Gonzaga appears gassed.

Round 2:
Two right hands from Gonzaga rock Rothwell at the start of the round. As he stumbles, Gonzaga locks up a standing arm-in guillotine. That doesn't work, so he jumps guillotine. That does the trick as Rothwell taps.

Gabriel Gonzaga def. Ben Rothwell via submission (guillotine) at of 1:01 round 2
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